AG Chefs Specials

AG2, Canton (Pork  or  Chicken  or  Tofu)
Sizzled stir–fried with Kunbu sauce & Peanut

AG3, Sesame (Chicken  or  Pork  or  Tofu)
Tender & onions stir-fry with sesame sauce

AG5, Pineapple (Pork  or  Chicken  or  Tofu)
Stir-fry in Thai style

AG6, Green Veggies (Chicken  or  Pork  or  Tofu)
Stir-fry with Hainan style

AG7, Malay Grilled (Chicken  or  Pork)
Street grilled style top with Teriyaki & Peanut

AG8, Curry (Pork  or  Chicken  or  Tofu)
Tasty curry saute with onion

AG9, Lemongrass (Pork  or  Chicken  or  Tofu)
Sizzling stir fry

AG10, Busan (Pork  or  Chicken  or  Tofu  or   Shrimp)
Stir fry with AG Korean sauce

AG11, Mongolian Beef
Tender beef flashed-cooked with scallions &  onions

AG12, SaTÉ Spicy Beef
AG special saté sauce stir fried with tender beef & scallions

AG13, Garlic Pepper Shrimp
Sizzling stir-fry with AG special salt, pepper & garlic

AG16. Tuna Steak
Pan-seared Ahi Tuna with fried rice and fresh ginger sauce

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